Why Are Reservations Being Forced On Indian Muslims?

Reservations: Towards An Islamic Republic InshaAllah

Indian Muslims consider India neither a Dar-ul-Harb, nor a Dar-ul-Islam but rather a Dar-ul-Aman [a land of peace] despite Vijay Kumar Malhotra's, Tagodia's, Narender Modi's and others on going labor to make entire India a Gujarat for Indian Muslims by converting India in to a Dar-ul-Harb. The day is coming close, inshallah, when the continent will witness the rise of crescent in India and the Islamic republic of India. Mr. Malhotra will not get any assurance from the grand old congress party, but let me assure you that I will see to it that at least you are rewarded suitably for your services in aiding the creation of the Islamic Republic of India so that you and your warriors of your tribes will be honored with the title republic of Khabis-ul-Khabais.

After partition in 1947, Pakistan became an Islamic nation as a "reaction" by choice not by force. On the contrary, India opted for a secular state not by choice but by the reality of the social forces on the ground. It is often argued and propagated that India opted for secular society; it too could have gone theocratic as a Hindu state. Those who argue and propagate this are completely wrong for not 59 years ago on the eve of independence nor today and not even in future can this country become a religious or a theocratic Hindu state. The reason for this is simple; Hindu means Brahmin's who make up just 2% of the total Indian population and the rest of India is non Hindu, enchained by a caste based society.

That said, for the past 1000 years India has been under Muslim rule. It is only since 1857 in last 150 years that Brahmin's [sa am, da am, du nd, bhed] have joined hands with the missionaries to prevent the return of Muslim rule in India. There is every possibility of the return of the Muslim rule in India in the present century. Secret reports tell us that not only that the Americans but also the Chinese and Japanese rulers have begun courting Indian Muslims to secure expansion of their respective interests in this country. The concessions, of the [reservation-recommendations being forced on Indian Muslims by the G.O.I appointed "Sachhar Panel" without being demanded by Muslims is surprising for us. But after a careful consideration it becomes obvious that the G.O.I is also courting the Indian Muslims out of the fear from other competitors and simultaneously sabotaging the return of Muslim rule in India. The pathetic condition of Muslims shown in the government backed report is also an attempt to malign Indian Muslims and Islam globally and show to the world their helplessness before the Indian state. Few state sponsored Muslim organizations and puppet leaders have endorsed this humiliating proposal and stood against these recommendations only to confuse Muslim masses and please the Brahman rulers of India, who want the platter of "secular" India to be kept alive, till effective conversion of India into Dar-ul Harb.

The fear the Brahmin parties have against the global rise and success of Islam and Muslims and the failure of the super powers to contain them are evidenced by throwing some recommendations at the Muslims. They want to contain the impact of the global success of Muslims and Islam on the Indian subcontinent. They also want to divide the Indian Muslim community on the lines of the Hindu based caste system defining Muslims as Dalit Muslims, Backward Muslims, Upper Caste Muslims etc. Islam strictly prohibits such divisions and discrimination; a Muslim is a Muslim and all are equal, no exceptions.

The cult of pan Islamism among Indian Muslims gave India freedom from the British. With Mahatma's support, Brahmans used the caliphate movement of nationalist Muslims to check British rule in India, bargain with them and simultaneously ensuring the blockage of the return of Muslim rule in India again by even questioning the credentials and sacrifices of nationalist Muslims like the Ali brothers who laid the foundation of Hindu Muslim Unity that the cunning Brahman's presented as Muslim surrender to them.

Unfortunately after partition in the name of secularism, the Indian policy drifted in the hands of the right wing totally and the creation of Pakistan helped them. Indian Muslims have silently watched without much protest, having faith in Allah and in the teaching of Islam. The Quran says loyalty to your (Islamic) nation is a must; it forms the 50% of Imaan. Again the Sangh Parivar and Brahmani parties in India are united in identifying Indian Muslims with Pakistan when they keep on suggesting "India needs to evolve a proactive strategy highlighting the Indian Muslims disavowal of jihadi doctrines and practices" as if the last three centuries are not enough for the Brahmin's to witness Indian Muslims disavowal of jihadi doctrines and practices.

But for how long will we be asked to keep on giving proof of our patriotism? Or is it that the Brahmanis want us to give them proof of being anti-Muslim?

Brahmani Patriotism Vetted By Violence

The Brahmani elites of this country, who have been in power for last 59 years, will have to prove their patriotism this time to survive politically. Is it patriotism that you organize attack on parliament and godra to revive an ideology? Is it patriotism that you allow the FBI to operate in this country? Is it patriotism that you demand death for Afzal and let Peter Bleach go? Is it patriotism that Sikhs and Muslims are massacred to win votes in communal electorates? Is it patriotism that a mosque is demolished in full view of the world with full support of the Indian state? Is it patriotism that you throw key sectors open to foreign investments at the cost of the Indians? Is it patriotism that national governments are run by multinational corporations? Is it patriotism that government agencies organize bomb attacks in places of worship, public places, trains and buses? Is it patriotism that in the name of disinvestment you loot your own nation? Is it patriotism that plans are made to surrender J & K and make rest of India a Dar-ul-Harb?

If all of this is patriotism, then at least I do not want my name on the list of patriots for either the earlier NDA government or the current UPA government. Is continuing anti-people policies under the guise on the dictates of global alliance against terrorism against Muslims and Islam for looting the poor nation of its natural resources and break open their markets for their corporations? What will the country and its citizenry gain through such bankrupt policies and alliances?

Yes, jihad against such forces is our birth right and we will use it to fight to protect our sovereignty from evil forces with in and outside. The Holy Qumran places the obligation of jihad on all Muslims. But it is the last line of defense for us. We reject the Sachhar Khachhar Accord as for Muslims to rise from inferior positions, jihad is the only way forward. In last 59 years Indian Muslims have shown one face of jihad, Sabr (patience) but we are now having our backs pushed against a wall. Jihad is the only way to defends ourselves from the destruction of Islam and its honor? By abandoning jihad [may Allah protect us from that] Islam is destroyed and the Muslims fall into an inferior position. Their honor is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanishes and Indian Muslims are a living examples of all this. Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim, and he who tries to escape from this duty or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfill this duty, dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite.

The Brahmani gods are always ready for jihad, at times loaded with a dozens of weapons in a single hand. They have undoubtedly been given a jihadi mentality from times immemorial to their followers. If the source of terrorism needs to be checked by the world then worshipping of these weaponized gods has to be banned in all forms, whether in private or public. A 21st century India under the influence of these Brahmani gods have befriended most militarized nations, increasing our defense budget annually while denying those that do not follow these Brahman gods food, shelter ,clothing, education and security. The Brahman gods have weapons as their jihad has been underway for thousands of years and therefore we do not find a trace of Gautama Buddha's India. Brahman followers have weapons and they sanctifying their use. All Brahman gods carry weapons, some carry even a dozen. In comparison the god for Lord Krishna carries only a flute and is shown to be always in the company of Gopi's [virgin beauties] and the Brahmin's have promoted this image of the Krishna. Even today, the Dal are restricted to enter any temple of the Brahmin's. Brahmin's do not dine with them and they are not allowed to enter the upper caste houses. Dalits have been given reservations in India for the menial jobs; educated dalit doctors, engineers, civil servants are considered as illiterates by the Brahman society, denying them the social status they deserve as human beings.

Why do Brahman gods need to carry weapons? To fight the evil? And what is the rabbinical definition of evil? Is evil are all those who are non followers of Brahman gods like the Dalits,
Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists and the Muslims?

During the British rule in India a systematic colonial propaganda was launched against Muslims of India ,where by the only evil which was to be fought was Islam and Muslims-[hence Vande Mataram) and this propaganda still continues. Colonial powers not only financed this ideology but saw to it that it succeeds in its objectives. For example, the RSS was created with the money provided by the colonial church and British rulers in 1925. In last century this anti-Muslim strategy has been to brain wash innocent minds, who in independent India equate evil with the Muslims. After independence the Brahman and Jewish patrons of the British colonial powers brought these two forces together on the anti-Muslim platform. The Jews are occupying the Muslim land of Palestine for the last sixty years in the name of “Israel” and the Brahmin's are occupying the seat of power in India, denying even the original inhabitants of India basic needs of survival. It is believed the original Aryans came to India from the lands of Europe and America with the intent to displace the local inhabitants to form the supremacy of the blue bloods. It is not only that Muslims that have come from outside but Brahmin's are also foreign invaders of ancient India which they continue to this day. Expect for the brief periods of Buddhist empires and Muslim rule in India. The Dravidian's, the original inhabitants of India, have been pushed down south of India by the team of weapon carrying gods Those who remain in north have been absorbed by Brahmanism and from the time of Akbar the process to absorb Muslims had began. But with the global presence of Islam and Muslim, the state supported efforts to absorb Islam like Sikhism has been derailed and been counter productive as witnessed by the present resistance globally by the followers of Islam.

Just Who Are The Terrorists?

What is terrorism? And who is a terrorist? Are the cadres of the RSS being provided training in rifle and guns, in the name of self defense not potential terrorist? Is armed militancy in north east India not Hindu terrorism? Is the Peoples War Group not a Hindu terrorist group? Are various Brahman Senas of upper caste landlord’s not Hindu terror groups? Recently the former prime minister of India, Mr. V.P. Singh gave notice to the UP government that if the farmers were not adequately compensated he would take up an armed struggle. Is this not terrorism?

What is terrorism and who is more prone to terrorism? That section of the society which worships weaponized gods is obviously is more prone to terrorism, Narendra Modi, Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti are shinning examples of this Brahman terrorism in India that uses Dalits and the marginalized against Muslims to keep Muslims, Dalits and marginalized fighting among themselves. The Sachhar recommendations will further increase this fight, proliferating Brahman game plan. Why do Ramayana, Mahabharata and Geeta glorify-weapons, blood, battles and armies and yet allegations are made on Muslims, Islam and Qumran? Systematic anti-Muslim propaganda in India has equated evil with the Muslims and Islam. This is further backed up by the Jewish brains and resources the Brahman search of evil in India that has in last century pinned on Muslims and Islam, sanctifying the use of weapons, terror and violence against them. In 80,000 anti-Muslim riots after partition not even a single accused was punished; not in the Gujarat riots, the Advani's Rath riots, or the Malegaon riots and bomb blasts. The Sri Krishna commission report accusing Bal Thackeray of the Mumbai riots were never implemented, the Bhagalpur riots, Meerut and Malihana riots, the Moradabad riots and the Neilly-Assam massacre of infant Muslims are just some in this never ending chapter of independent India's anti-Muslim riots that have gone unpunished.

Is this civilized or is it not Brahman terrorism when a section of Indians worshipping weaponized gods are inspired to use terror, violence and strong arm tactics against the 2nd largest Muslim population of the world. It will not take much time for Muslims in India to react, when their very survival as Muslims is in danger, to heartily join the call for armed jihad.
The present pill of secularism is the continuous strategic step of Brahmanism to remain in power. Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Singh, a former World Bank employee, is only continuing the Brahmani policies of his predecessors that are fueled out of the alliances with the US, Israel, Russia, and the European Union.

Mr. Prime minister stop shedding crocodile tears for Muslims, at present you have dug your grave, by trying to be too clever before the Brahman media; you should have known when they cannot tolerate Muslims how can they tolerate a Sikh . The point is that Muslims do not establish first claim on the countries resources; not in Pakistan nor in rest of the world. Mahatma Gandhi said only 58 lacs rupees should be given to Pakistan at the time of partition and a Brahman fanatic terrorist, Nathu Ram Godse shot him dead. Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi met the similar fate by opposing the policy of the Brahman interests. So Mr. Prime Minister you are only a puppet in the hands of the Brahmin's which is why you occupy the seat of the prime minister. Dare them and you will meet a similar fate to fellow Sikh brothers in the 1984 anti-Sikh massacre.

You do not have the courage of V.P. Singh, former prime minister of India, who is the one single person who the Brahmin's fear both as a friend and a foe. But he could not go far with his agenda for he should have embraced Islam at least 10 years ago. For all practical purposes he remains the most out spoken anti-Brahman leader and is feared by the Brahman media and their controlled political parties. His master strokes of Mandal and declaration of Prophet Mohammad’s [s.a.w.] birthday as a holiday in India have earned him life long good wishes of millions of Muslims and poor exploited castes in India and world over, which has enabled him to fight even the Brahman onslaught against him despite chronic renal failure. Like Osama Bin Laden he continues to be the Osama of the poor, the exploited and the down trodden of India who have been left to fend for themselves in the modern day forced race of globalization and consumerism.

It is this jihad in true sense which is most closely aligned to Islamic Jihad which is being pursued in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and elsewhere. The present declaration of reservations recommended by the Khacchar-Aachhar Accord is exactly an attempt by the Brahman forces to not let the exploited castes and classes, the deprived and the down trodden to join hands with common interest under the natural leadership of Islam and Muslims.

InshaAllah you will hear more on the Islamic Republic of India in future. Will the NDA and the UPA join hands to stop the formation of the Islamic Republic of India? The Qumran says “la-iq-rah-fi-al-deen” meaning there should be competition in the power struggle. Are NDA and UPA leaders equipped to accept this challenge?

In closing I repeat what Al-lama Iqbal had said in the last century.

Shor hai ho gaye duniya say musalmaan nabood
Hum yeh kahtein hain ki thaey bhi kahein muslim maujood
Wa-az mein tum ho na-sara, toa tamaddun mey hunood
Yeh musalmaan hain jinhay dekh kay sharmaey ya-hood
Yoon toa syed bhi ho, mirza bhi ho, afghan bhi ho
Tum sabhi kuch ho , bat-lao toa musalmaan bhi ho.

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